Jalanis by Jordan Owens 
About me. lol

Time for an introduction

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Shot this today with Amanda!we just played around and tried some new things, Im so happy with how this turned out. 
American Tourist.optic-remix.com
going to my friends bonfire in Pismo <3
going for a more, natural look
i never posted this one.
My mom and i got these really cool film cameras from a thrift store (one is a real nice Nikon (for 5$ holla))  we were just seeing if they worked, and ended taking some nice photos.
This was when i was in Sacramento!

You prob won’t see this but Crystal is this you?!? Haha

This looks so much better in Color,
Lime Light PhotographyModel: Jalanis
This is from one of the shoots I did on Saturday. It was so much fun!
Sam Anaya PhotoMUA/H: Alex MorrisModel: Me :D 
🐘🐘🐘 (Taken with instagram)
Jalanis Fishe by Christina Gonzales MUA: meHair: Christina

Photo By Darren Pineda

this shoot was fun
Jalanis fishe by darren Pineda
Jalanis Fishe by Darren Pineda