I might be getting a new phone this week, so I’m trying to empty my photo album. 
I did a few shoots in malibu last weekend. I managed to cut open one of my toes. 

Look at this cool rock! 

El Matador | Malibu, Ca
"Accidental" ass photo | Yosemite, Ca
Photo: Nick
Stepped infront of the camera for the first time in awhile. 
Modeled for two people this weekend, it was fun :)

Outtake from a light painting shoot I did with Dito Jati.
Lizards Mouth | Santa Barbara, ca
Ready for some new adventures! 
I’m going camping at Bug Sur on Friday for my birthday. I’m so stoked :)
Bae rolls me blunts.
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Lights | LACMA 
Photo: Nick 

Nick likes to read and talk about art and philosophies. He’s kinda the coolest person I know. We spent a few hours at the LACMA and it was a wonderful.
Friday we went to the LA haunted hayride. 
They had some of the coolest animatronics and acrobats  I’ve seen ever.
Summer vibes | Santa Barbra, Ca
Best friend | Sacramento,Ca
Santa Barbra, CA