Caves n shit | Montana De Oro, California

I’m losing my mind at work.
I’m trying not to post too much stupid shit.
3 more hours

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I miss this dude. | by KylexBlatch
Shapes | Salton Sea, Ca

It smelled like dead fish.
By Nick
Bare | Yosemite National Park, Ca
By: Nick
Yesterday | Ventura, Ca
Going through my phone. 
I have a long day today, expect allot of bullshit.
Photo: tappper

Reckless thoughts
Reckless actions.

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Took another day trip yesterday for a photoshoot. I did hair/Makeup and a little bit of styling. 

Salty | Montana De Oro, Ca
Strange Rocks | Montana De Oro, Ca
It’s so cool coming home to my own room.


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Going through photos on my phone. 
Ramen from last week