My aunt just left for work.
I’m still awake.
I have to model tomorrow morning.
I’m still awake.
My twitter, IG & tumblr feed is dead.
I’m still awake.

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Those 4am munchies thou

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New muse.

It bums me out my teacher last spring lost this. Best 10 minute sketch of my life.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
Watching …

Been on an infused water kick. 
Watermelon + cucumber + lemon + mint

I love this photo

Thought I had to work at 7am in LA. Not 7pm.
I messed up the timing for the next two days.
At least I can go back to sleep.

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I’ve always wanted these fucking shoes
This is really cool. Side note: we have those red chairs at the studio